Techno club Rotterdam

Rotterdam - The team behind Rotterdam venue BAR is planning to open a new and as-yet-unnamed electronic music venue in Rotterdam mid-2019.

The 1500-capacity venue is locates near the Merwe-Vierhavens docks along the Nieuwe Maas river. The venue will feature two club areas and a multi-purpose space. It's a new project from the De Maatschappij Voor Volksgeluk, a collective which runs BAR.

Some months ago cofounder Kristian de Leeuw told (the Dutch-language publication) 3voor12 that the project has been in the works for ten years, and the goal is to create a new "hub for electronic music."

This wouldn't be the first time someone has tried to set up a club by the Rotterdam docks. A few years ago, Dance Valley organizers UDC cancelled plans to build a 6,000-capacity venue after investors pulled out.

VIAResident Advisor