Awakenings Fake Ticket warning

WARNING: We identified 2 types of fake Awakenings Festival Tickets. The tickets look nothing like the official ones. Unfortunately the fake sellers are still out there.

Tickets looking like this are Fake

Beware of tickets looking similar like the images below. These are FAKE.

Official Awakenings Festival tickets

Only buy your tickets at the official Awakenings sales channel: Awakenings website ( or at the Awakenings Festival website (
This way you will never pay too much and you make sure your tickets are real.

In case the event is sold out, please check: This is an official website to buy tickets.

All tickets will be scanned and checked for authenticity at the entrance.

FAQ for Awakenings Festival Tickets

Find all FAQ info on the official Awakenings website:

Which resellers have official Awakenings Festival tickets?

If you're visiting from abroad, there are a couple of official partners where you can arrange your trip to the festival, including tickets. Official partners are:

• Belgium: Partybus
• Belgium FC Paljas
• Belgium: Maximal
• France: Destination-clubbin
• France: Voyages Peeters
• Germany: Ferienreisen
• Italy: SDN Service
• Italy: RND Promotion