MMArena Techno

Le Mans - Impact returns for a new evening and this time the association has big plans at the 3,000 m² Stadium MMarena of Le Mans. Two stages will be build, for two different genres: techno and house.

The aim of the association is to promote electronic music and to highlight young local artists. Working in close contact with the Le Mans town hall has led to several collaborations with the city's cultural and youth services. The various projects of events were born at the MJC Prévert.

Thanks to Impact the talented local scene can preform alongside internationally renowned artists such as the Lithuanian Under Black Helmet and German DJ Phase Fatale who will both be present for this new event. Bwi Bwi , Kemt , Atom K live or Francois Klarks will make you dance to the rhythms of house.

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MMArena le Mans Techno Impact