bag of MDMA

This has to be up there as one of the biggest festival faux-pas' in history. A not-so-lucky young man was arrested at a festival after writing his name and phone number on a bag of drugs.

Photos released by Australia's Queensland Police show a large plastic bag with brown powder inside, and "MDMA if found call..." written on the front in black marker.

The bag was reportedly found by canine unite at the Maroochydore Music and Visual Arts Festival. Sniffer dogs are popular among authorities in Australia as a way of policing festivals, and have been accused of being problematic in the past. Revellers have sometimes dangerously taken all of their drugs before encountering the animals out of fear of being caught.


Police said they were "surprised" to find the man's name and number on the bag in a statement.

The festival, which featured acts like Alison Wonderland, has a "No Dickheads" policy, and urges anyone attending to alert security "who will have their Dickhead radar switched on."