Carl Craig

Amsterdam - Detroit DJ/composer to take over De Waalse Kerk with a techno-symphony.

On ADE's Saturday, Carl Craig will bring the Versus concept to new location "de Waalse Kerk". Versus is the adaptation of Carl Craig’s techno masterpieces into powerful symphonic versions. Six musicians, including pianist arranger Francesco Tristano and Craig himself. The result: one large synthesizer-controlled techno-symphony.

47-year-old Carl Craig hails from Detroit, the city that served as a backdrop for the automotive industry’s Golden Age – a petri dish for the development of all manner of soul, funk, rock, and eventually hip hop and techno. Not content with being Detroit’s ambassador in the techno universe, Craig would go on a number of diplomatic missions to faraway musical lands, like the time Innerzone Orchestra (itself a blueprint for drum’n’bass) mediated between jazz and electronic. He later created the Detroit Music Festival as a landing pad for international artists, and the 501-C3 Foundation, to initiate children to new forms of underground music. “I want to produce music that can be adapted just as well to clubs as to classical orchestras and jazz ensembles” he perfectly summarises.

The process reveals the timelessness of tracks such as `At Les´ and `Darkness´ through tense yet fragile new arrangements. The album of Versus is also a logical outgrowth in the Carl Craig discography, which is replete with reinventions of other artists’ work (think LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Caribou, and Yello), imaginary soundtracks to well-known films, and excursions into jazz and classical. With the live ensemble this same modus operandi once again transforms Craig’s mechanical dancefloor creations – from classic techno into modern classical.

Date: Saturday, October 21 at 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Location: De Waalse Kerk | Red Light District
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Tickets (only 300 in total): Click here