Hakkenteller Q-Dance App

The experts are sure:
'Hakken' is the best festival workout in the world. This fitness app for party fanatics keeps tracks how hard you can 'hak' and you can start a hard league with friends or other festival goers.

Every move counts

Everything you need for a healthy lifestyle is a good pile of hard-track tracks and the official 'Hakkenteller' ('Hak' counter). Activate the app and check regularly how much you have 'Hakt'. Not yet satisfied with your result? Take it up a notch!


Make a competition

Of course you already know that you can 'Hak' the hardest of all, but with this nifty app you have hard evidence afterwards. Are you going to go to a party with your friend? Connect your 'Hakkentellers' and show who the boss is in your own league. Or join forces with other groups of friends.
Caution: Keep the 'Hak' counter in your pocket for the most accurate measurement!


• Measure how hard you 'Hak' a day
• Check how many calories you burn
• Sharpen your personal record
• Start a league with friends
• Increase in heel level to higher status

From Q to you

The 'Hak' counter is an invention of Q-dance.