Drugslab Youtube

A group of three Dutchies have come together as what's now known on YouTube as Drugslab with one goal in mind: to provide effective drug education.

But the trio are going about it in the most unorthodox way by filming themselves actually doing the drugs on camera, which they post as episodes on YouTube to shine a full, 360 degree light on every process of the drug: what it's supposed to look like, how you ingest it, the effects on the body (including heart rate and temperature, which they monitor), how long the effects take to kick in and how you're likely to act after taking the drug.

Drugslab is a spin off of an old Dutch TV program called 'Spuiten & Slikken' (Shoot & Swallow) that provided sex education. Drugslab provides an in-depth explanation about the drug before any member takes it, and always recommend drug testing to know exactly what is in the substances in your possession, as not all drugs are the same. They emphasise that their channel isn't meant to encourage people to do drugs, but rather provide the education that's needed for those who are already choosing to do so at festivals, parties and clubs.

Drugslab has covered a range or popular recreational drugs like cocaine, ecstasy and MDMA, ketamine and mushrooms to Peyote, DMT and 2C-E and many more. However, the trio have explained that there are certain drugs they will not cover including methamphetamine, heroin and krokodil.