Black Rock City - The desert where Burning Man is held every year has been transformed into a lake by the melting of record winter snow levels in the mountains surrounding it - and there's no guarantee it will be dry for the festival.

Experts say the massive pool of standing water in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada is unusual and there is a possibility the area might not dry out before Burning Man - meaning it would have to be relocated.

Check out a video and some pictures at the end of this article.

The desert basin is transformed into mud every year by the run-off of melting snow, but this past season's high precipitation has formed the lake and the playa could still be muddy in late August and impossible to drive across.

Officials insist they are confident it will dry, but they are seemingly playing a stressful game of wait and see with mother nature.

Thousands drive onto the desert playa every year, which is located two hours north of Reno in Gerlach, to take part in Burning Man from August 27 to September 4.


Video of the flooded festival site

Pictures of the flooded area